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   1. Download rewards

  Download reward 41Rs

  Bind mobile phone number

  2.The bonus is only for the first deposit

           🪙First Deposit Bonus💰

           💸First Deposit💎Bonus😀

                 100Rs  get 100Rs 

               10000Rs+ get 2000Rs 

(Note: No application is required, it will be automatically sent to your personal email at 10 noon the next day⏰)

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3. The cumulative bonus for daily recharge is up to 10%.

Recharge a total of 1,000 and get 20

Recharge a total of 5,000 and get 100

Recharge a total of 10,000 and get 250

Recharge a total of 30,000 and get 900

Recharge a total of 100,000 and get 10,000

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4. Withdraw cash

The minimum deposit for bank card is 100Rs, and the minimum deposit for UPI is 5000Rs.

5. Zero investment agency commission

1. Sharing activity: Old members invite new members to recharge one for 160Rs, invite two for 180Rs, and invite three for 200Rs. The more invites, the greater the rewards. 

2. Sharing link activities: Offline members can be taxed when playing games, with an increase of up to 60%.

3. Sharing link activity: Weekly recommendation bonus: Recommended members with a deposit of 1001Rs to 3000Rs or more will be rewarded 500Rs, and members with a deposit of 3001Rs to 5000Rs or more will be rewarded 1000Rs. The more recommended members recharge, the more rewards you will get

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6. How to hack in the game💯 and make money stably

This game app is the best dragon tiger game. Just be prepared to double your bankroll in 7 rounds for guaranteed terror.

The betting plan is:    ① Bet 10Rs

                                     ②Bet 30Rs

                                     ③Bet 90 Rs

                                     ④Bet 270 Rs

                                     ⑤ Bet 810 Rs

                                     ⑥Bet 2430 Rs

                                     ⑦Bet 7290 Rs

Tip: If you win, bet 10Rs, continue to bet 10Rs. If you bet 10Rs, and lose, bet 30Rs, and so on until the seventh round.

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